Matt Prater Kicks Longest Field Goal in NFL History: 64 Yards

December 8, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Matt Prater, the kicker for the Denver Broncos, kicked the longest field goal in NFL history against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.

Prater kicked a 64 yard field goal at the end of the second quarter. A video of it can be seen here.

He was kicking at Mile-High Stadium in Denver. The temperature was about 18 degrees at kickoff.

The previous longest kick was 63 yards–which was tied by kicker David Akers, who was playing for the 49ers at the time, last year.

Former Broncos kicker Jason Elam also kicked a 63 yard field goal in 1998.

“Way to go Matt Prater! Awesome! Way to keep it in the Broncos family! I’m very proud and excited for you!” he tweeted.

Oakland Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski kicked a 63-yarder in 2011.

And in 1970, Tom Dempsey with the New Orleans Saints kicked a game-winning, 63-yard field goal. Dempsey was born with half a right foot.