Matt Drudge: White House Retweets Drudge Report Amid SOTU Address

January 30, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

One of the White House press secretaries retweeted a message from the Drudge Report this week.

It’s notable because of the somewhat tense relationship between the popular conservative website and the White House.

Press secretary Bobby Whithorne retweeted a message from the Drudge Report Twitter account saying “YEAR OF ACTION” in 2014 amid President Obama’s State of the Union speech on Tuesday.

Drudge Report has issued criticism against the Obama administration and Democrats over the years.

In April, senior Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer indicated that the White House doesn’t favor Drudge Report.

“This is less true now than it was before, but there is a Pavlovian response from, you know, some media outlets” about Drudge, said, according to The Blaze, another conservative website.

Pfeiffer said that due to the news cycle, it’s easy to get caught–namely when it’s put up on Drudge Report.

“It hurts what we’re doing on a daily basis, but is [also] fairly damaging to that individual person,” he said.

Several days ago, Matt Drudge–the operator of Drudge Report–joked on Twitter: “Ran a mile in 7-minutes this morning, imagining Michelle Obama was chasing me with a long needle and syringe…”

And before that he wrote, “Have an exit plan…,” which caused many to speculate on its meaning.

And several days prior, he posted a other cryptic tweets.

“My biggest fear as editor of Drudge Report is people are slamming off all news and politics. Disgusted, frustrated … and going off the grid,” he wrote.