Massive Waves Hit Shores Around the World

March 21, 2019 Updated: March 21, 2019

A compilation video has surfaced online showing terrifying moments when massive waves engulf, hit and slam into a variety of things, including people, boats and even a train.

In the video we see a boat capsizing, people tossed around like toys, cars desperately avoiding gigantic walls of water, and swimming pools becoming a whole lot larger as they are reclaimed by the sea.

The first clip of the video shows the moment a small boat is picked up and tossed around in a 20 foot high wave before ending up capsized and floundering in the choppy waters.

A sequence of clips show the moments surfers risk their lives as they ride before massive waves many meters high, before becoming engulfed in the fiery surf. One wave is as large as 30 feet high when it crashes down on top of one daring surfer.

In another clip we see the desperate moment a group of men brace the windows and doors of the office they work in as a huge wave bears down on them. Unfortunately for them, their efforts are in vain as the huge wall of water crashes through the glass and metal like it was made of paper, and the men run for their lives off camera.

One amazing clip shows a jet skier fly into the air as he hits the crest of a large wave and flies straight into the path of a flying drone, before both he, the jet ski and the drone splash back down helplessly into the water.

In perhaps the most terrifying of all the clips we see one unfortunate bather buffeted around relentlessly as a series of fierce waves wash over him and push him dangerously towards the sharp rocks of the shoreline.