Massive Support for Editor of Newspaper Closed Down by CCP

February 15, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: February 15, 2006 12:00 am

China Youth Daily 's Freezing Point weekly magazine was the first media to report the story of China's home owners whose homes were openly plundered from them by the Chinese communist regime. After learning of the recent shut down of Freezing Point , nearly 2,000 homeowners jointly supported Mr. Li Datong—chief editor of Freezing Point . They announced that they will stand resolutely on the side of Li Datong.

Houses for rent were actually family houses inherited from many generations. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) forced individual homeowners to give up their ownership after it took power in China. The houses were then rented and operated by the government, calling it “carrying out socialist transformation”. Some homeowners may get up to 40 percent of the total rent. According to Freezing Point , statistics show there are close to 200,000 of this type of housing just in Beijing.

From the socialist transformation to China's economic reform in the 80's, the CCP dismantled and moved many rental houses by force. Many people lost their home and had no place to stay. Many homeowners died with grievances unsatisfied, and many homeowners were afraid of the CCP's cruelty so they dared not ask for the return of their home and land. There were however, homeowners who protested hard at the Ministry of Construction, the Appeal Office, and other locations where the CCP officials gather. Some homeowners were frequently interrogated, detained and arrested by the CCP because of their continuous protests and appeals. Chinese media has kept these shameful episodes silent until December 17, 2003 when the weekly magazine Freezing Point first reported the rental owners' tragic experiences. At the same time Freezing Point also interviewed Mr. Gao Zhisheng, one of the nation's top ten lawyers.

Public Notice From the House Owners for Rent

We, home owners from each of these provinces and cities, support firmly Mr. Li Datong and stand resolutely on the side of Mr. Li Datong.

Zhejiang Province 497
Beijing City 496
Jiangsu Province 412
Shanxi Province 170
Gansu Province 109
Hubei Province 53
Fujian Province 38
Liaoning Province 52
Chongqing City 9
Tianjin City 2
Yunnan Province 7
Guangdong Province 1
Shaanxi Province 7
Shanghai City 22
Sichuan Province 35
Henan Province 4
Shandong Province 1
Hebei Province 1
Total: 1916