Massachusetts Man Says Mystery Intruder Broke Into His Home—and Cleaned It

May 23, 2019 Updated: May 23, 2019

A man from Massachusetts came home last week to find someone had broken into his residence.

But when 44-year-old Nate Roman, of Marlborough, did a quick inspection of his home, he soon realized nothing had been stolen or moved out of place.

He was left confused when he noticed the individual or individuals had left his residence even more spotless than before his family had left the home.

When Roman and his son, 5, returned to their home on May 15, he was concerned when he realized his back door had been left open.

He told West 2, “It was terrifying to know someone was in your house.”

Roman discovered a number of unsettling changes to his home upon further inspection.

“Nothing was damaged, nothing was taken … just arranged in a really creepy way,” he told NBC News.

He said his son’s bedroom had been left messy in the morning, but when they arrived home that evening he found his son’s stuffed animals stacked up neatly.

All the beds were made up, and Roman even discovered ornate origami roses left on his toilet paper in his home.

His home was left completely spotless, and he could smell bleach and other cleaning solvents, he said.

The only room left untouched was the kitchen.

“They scrubbed everything down. They did the shower, did the toilets,” Roman recalled.

“I was immediately worried that someone was in the house.”

Roman was confused worried the intruder could still be at large, so he contacted the local police as he found the whole thing “weird and creepy.”

“I still have no idea who did this, it’s all really crazy,” Roman told

The Marlborough Police Department said officers were looking into the case, and although they had no suspects or leads so far, they are taking the incident seriously.

Marlborough Police Sergeant Daniel Campbell said the incident was a first for the department.

“We have not received any reports similar to this in other locations, and we have no suspects at this time.”

They said it would be considered breaking and entering, a misdemeanor offense, reported Wesh.

Meanwhile, Roman added he believes the whole ordeal could have been a mistake. He said he believes a house-cleaning service could have been sent to his home by mistake, because of the toilet paper origami roses.

He shared in a Facebook post that he forgot to set his security alarm that day.

“I usually forget to arm my alarm during the day, but unfortunately that also happened, so I don’t have any video, despite having cameras,” Roman wrote.

Roman also admitted he may have forgotten to lock his back door that day, as there was no sign of forced entry.

Nevertheless, he doesn’t want to take any chances and has changed his locks since the incident.

“I’ve been here for a year and a half, changed my locks on day one,” Roman told

“’I’m usually pretty careful about this stuff.”

“It’s funny now, but didn’t feel funny at the time,” Roman told the Boston Globe. “I kept the toilet paper roses as souvenirs.”