Mass Effect 4: Bioware to Host Panel at Comic Con in San Diego

 Bioware will host a panel for “Mass Effect 4”–or whatever the game is called–at the San Diego Comic Con at the end of July.

The panel will be called “Charting a Course: Developing the Next Mass Effect,” according to Forbes, which notes that Bioware probably won’t make any big revelations about the game, but there will probably just be discussion about the game’s universe.

This comes after Bioware launched a survey to create “the best one yet.”

Producer Michael Gamble told IGN that the response via Twitter has been “overwhelming.”

“I’ve got reading material for a month,” he said.

According to The Motley Fool investment website, the survey is a “bad idea,” noting that “Bioware fans can be alarmingly obsessive and hostile.”

“In conclusion, asking fans what they want in such a narrative-driven game is a double-edged sword. It might make the game more marketable, but it could also throttle Bioware’s creative ambitions. That would be a shame, considering how much of Bioware’s reputation has been built on taking bold risks with gameplay and storytelling,” writes Leo Sun of the publication.

And a few days ago, a Bioware designer said that “Mass Effect 4” 5s an inaccurate description of the title.

“Dear Press, stop saying Mass Effect 4. No one at BioWare has ever said the title is Mass Effect 4. “‘Next Mass Effect’ until further notice,” he wrote on Twitter

And about the name, he wrote: “Maybe it hasn’t been decided fully? Maybe it’s a spoiler? Maybe we want to save it for the big reveal? Lots of possible reason(s).”