Mass Effect 3 Ending: Bioware to Change Unpopular Ending?

March 23, 2012 Updated: March 27, 2012

Bioware Corp.’s popular series of video games “Mass Effect” built up to a critical finale with “Mass Effect 3,” which was released three weeks ago.

But even as copies of the game sell out, fans are beginning to complain about the ending of the popular game.

“Mass Effect 3″ continues where its two (equally successful) prequels—”Mass Effect” and “Mass Effect 2″—left off. Human solider and commander Shepard has been relieved of his galactic war responsibilites in wake of his actions in “Mass Effect 2,” and the galaxy appears headed for an uneasy peace. But the events of the previous game have awakened and caught the attention of a race of aliens called the Reapers, who make a full assault on Earth and other civilizations.

Shepard is quickly called back into action, and he, or she depending on the gender the player chooses, has to put together a motley crew of soliders and warring civilizations to defeat the Reapers and other more subtle enemies and end the galactic war.

While the game received universally rave and positive reviews from almost all gaming magazines and sold out quickly, fans who played it till its ending have reported disappointment.

While “Mass Effect 3” gives the users three choices at the end of the game, all three choices result in the death of the protoganist, Shepard, and restoration of peace to the galaxy. Gaming fans are reportedly unhappy that their favorite character dies at the end of the game irrespective of the choice they make.

“Mass Effect” maker Bioware has said that it is taking fan feedback seriously, and is looking into releasing updates to the game that will introduce more endings to appease its loyal fanbase.

“Mass Effect 3” is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, and while the role-playing action game is meant to be played in single-player mode, a limited multi-player networked mode is also present.

Bioware is owned by gaming giant Electronic Arts Inc.