Mason Plumlee Blocks LeBron James on Game Winning Dunk Attempt

By Victor Chan
Victor Chan
Victor Chan
April 9, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The Brooklyn Nets beat the east-leading Heat in Miami last night 88-87 to sweep the season series. Perhaps more surprisingly, rookie center Mason Plumlee blocked a buzzer-beating dunk attempt by LeBron James that would have won the game.

Joe Johnson bricked an 3-point attempt with a one point lead and the shot clock running down, leaving 12 seconds for the Heat to run the floor for one last play to win the game. James passed it to Rashard Lewis under the basket, who passed it right back. Plumlee, who was trailing and had just gotten to Lewis, turned around as LeBron went up for a game winning dunk and blocked him.

LeBron thought he was fouled, but the refs didn’t blow a whistle, and the game ended.

With Brook Lopez and Kevin Garnett out with injuries, Plumlee has been taking advantage of his minutes. He recorded three blocks and 8 points in 30 minutes in the game.

The Heat play against the Grizzlies in Memphis tonight, while the Nets are in Orlando.

Victor Chan