Mask Mandates

By The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
December 5, 2021 Updated: December 5, 2021

The article [“Mask Up or Shut Down: Colorado School Given Ultimatum Over Mask Mandate” by Steven Kovac, published in the Sept. 29 edition] is another of the countless examples of how a heavy-handed government will use any excuse available to strip us of our God-given rights and turn us into manageable serfs. Real science shows that children have little to fear from COVID, but much to fear mentally and physically from a life spent from under a mask. So the CDC defines an outbreak, that mandates masking, as five or more cases in a class or school. Science also shows that the flu is far more dangerous to children than COVID. So does that mean that every year when five outbreaks of flu occur, the masks go back on? This is hysterical idiocy, but with a purpose: control. I pray that the parents at Resurrection Christian School in Loveland, Colorado, continue to stand up to this child abuse and win this fight.


Michael Logan