Marxism 101: What It Is and How It Is Working in Our Culture Today

August 8, 2021 Updated: August 10, 2021

In a must see episode of “Counter Punch” on Epoch TV, author and speaker Trevor Louden enlightens his audience on the roots of Marxism in many of the cultural and political events of today, and the end game behind it all.

He makes the case that America is in a revolution, and the American people need to understand the nature of what they are up against.

“If we do understand, we have a fighting chance,” he says.

He provides several resources and reading material to understand the communist movement happening in the United States, from the information war, to cultural Marxism, even to the drug problem in America and the communist players behind it.

He also offers an extremely informative review of Jim Simpson’s book, “Who was Karl Marx: The Men, the Motives, and the Menace Behind Today’s Rampaging American Left.” In this 135 page book, which Louden touts as very well written and entertaining, Simpson breaks down the ideologies at work in our culture today and helps us connect the dots so we can fight back.

For anyone concerned about race riots, political correctness, election integrity, cancel culture, and all the other events currently wreaking havoc on our society, this book lays all these issues out and allows the reader to connect the dots in a very short period of time, and understand the phenomenon that is threatening to destroy everything that we hold dear.

Louden assures his listeners that for beginners and experts alike, every reader will learn from this book.

In his book, Simpson delves into Karl Marx, the nature of the man, his background, and his religious evolution. He touches on the satanic roots behind communism, what Karl Marx character was, his dysfunctional family, and general malicious hatred. Readers will learn where Marx first got his ideas, how they developed, and how they manifest themselves today.

Simpson also provides a history of those who came after Marx, exposing other influential characters in Marxism, such as Sergey Nechayev, a Russian revolutionary, who, next to Marx, was one of the most influential people in the Marxist movement. Nechayev’s writings were a favorite of the Black Panthers and continue to hold influence in other groups today.

The premise of Nechayev’s work was how to destroy a society, believing that to bring man to paradise on earth, you first have to make things so miserable and reduce humanity to such a mess and state of distress that they will revolt and establish a Socialist paradise.

The idea is that to make a man infinitely happy, you first have to make him infinitely miserable. Louden explains how so much happening right now culturally in the United States is intended to create chaos and misery and destruction, because to a Marxist, it is only through those things that they can theoretically make things better.

These beliefs hold in stark contrast to the western traditional Christian Judeo view, which is that working on oneself and one’s surroundings to make things better all the time eventually makes people happier and the world a better place.

Marxists have the opposite view. They believe humanity and society is corrupt and only by destroying everything around them and bringing man to a state of misery and poverty, can they establish the society they desire.

Who Really Was Karl Marx? How Does He Still Exert Influence Over the American Left? | Counter Punch [Trailer]

Watch the full episode here.

Louden also lays out how the Marxist movement does not actually believe that they will make things better for the common man, but rather, the people at the top of this movement see the common man only as a means to their goals.

Knowing the peasants won’t get paradise, they hold to the belief that, at least perhaps, the leaders will get what they want through money, power, and luxuries, while knowing full well that the peasants were simply a means to that end and would never achieve those things for themselves.

This episode also gives shocking insight into how communists established front organizations all over Europe and the United States, in the movie industry, education, etc., displaying the fruits of cultural Marxism all around us today.

The idea historically was that workers wouldn’t support communism because they were too indoctrinated by the state, the church, and culture. In order to get the working people on board, the communists had to actually go into the church, into culture, into the state, and take it over in order to fundamentally change people’s consciousness.

“We are seeing that everywhere today. These young kids fired up for socialism have no idea what it means,” Louden says.

Louden breaks down current examples for his listeners, citing Critical Race Theory, which employs the Marxist method of simply criticizing everything. “If you want to have a new society, you have to destroy people’s confidence in the old,” he explains.

In order to do this, Marxist organizations have to criticize religion and tear down respect for religion. They have to criticize the government, military, and every other construct of society.

He explains how President Donald Trump was a classic example of this, with so much criticism pointed at him as opposed to other Republican Presidents, simply because Trump was more of a threat.

This method of criticizing everything is meant to tear down everything and tear down respect for everything. This in turn produces children who don’t believe in anything, and don’t believe in any system or authority.

“They believe in nothing and they’re suckers for everything.” Louden says. “Critical Race Theory is just applying this Marxist ideology to race.”

In his book, Simpson reveals the people who gave Marxists this method and ties current events together clearly, showing how the end goal is to have people lose confidence in the existing structures of their society in order to lay the groundwork for revolution and creating a new society.

In this episode, Louden also provides some practical examples of how communists have tried to implement these strategies in smaller areas in the United States, like New York City, and how many of these tactics are playing out today. He gives the example of the border crisis, where the southern border is being overwhelmed and could eventually collapse American society.

“All of it is deliberate. All of it is a plan. All of it is a scheme,” he says.

People may see all these groups and chaos and policies that will alter and destroy our society, but the communists are counting on us not recognizing that we’re an integrated whole, and that revolution is designed to bring America to its knees and destroy it.

“You cannot have communist paradise on earth until you destroy western civilization, especially the United States,” he explains.

Louden provides insight into why a true communist doesn’t blame communism for its past failures. Instead, they blame the failures of their history on the United States. They believe that if they can destroy the United States, then their paradise of communism may be able to succeed.

Simpson also gives context for the world leaders of the communist movement today, pointing out the deep importance of Russia, Putin, and his cronies as an integral and leading part of the world revolutionary movement.

Louden describes the book as “one of the best books I have seen for a very long time that lays out the threat we are facing in a very simple manner,” promising that anyone who reads it will come away enlightened, and encouraging Americans to educate themselves on this crucial issue in order to save their culture and their country.

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