Marketing Techniques Every Law Firm Should Know About

December 2, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

The key to building your law-firm business is reaching new clients. But with cases to read and laws to cross check, it’s likely you do not have time to market your firm yourself. What if marketing your firm was not that hard? Delegation is the key and knowing which marketing firm to hire to get the results you want is half the battle. While many marketing firms specialise in a broad range of company profiles, you should choose one that specialises in law. Further, you should know what to look for when interviewing your new prospective business partner. Here are the top four ways to market your firm that you should be looking for in your next marketing interviews:

1. Consider the Cost as an Investment

Expect to spend roughly two to three percent of your gross revenue on marketing. Any more and you know the marketing firm is gouging you, any less and you are not building your law business exponentially. This percentage does not include the fees of the law marketing firm you are hiring to do the job, it only includes how much you are spending on advertising by itself. Get serious about marketing, hire a team to do the dirty work at a reasonable fee, and then invest at least 3% to show you mean serious business when it comes to growing your law firm.

2. Include Visuals on Your Website

These visuals should include professional images of clients, professionally made videos, professional info-graphs, and visually appealing website graphics. We live in a generation accustomed to shiny, visual stimulation, therefore, feed their desire to look by fuelling your marketing campaign with visually stunning professional ads, videos, websites, images,  and more.

3. Try it, But Only Stick with What Works

If you can measure the results in a period of a month or two after beginning the marketing technique, forgo it. The marketing techniques you use, or your marketing firm wants to employ, should have remarkably measurable results. In fact, they should have stunning results. When choosing a marketing firm they should be able to show your client analytics on every form of marketing they plan to employ for you. And these should show increased website views, ad clicks and interest, plus increased revenue for that company. If they cannot duplicate those results for you inside 60 days, drop them.

4. The People Who Know, Love and Trust Your Firm

The best market for new businesses are the people who know, love, and trust your company already. When choosing a marketing firm, find out how they plan to utilise your already fruitful market. If they plan to ignore your hard work in favour of their own, they are not worth the money they want you to put on the table. Any marketing firm should be willing to water their client’s garden first.

There are many more questions you should be asking your intended law firm marketing team, but these top four should give you a foundation for how you want to be treated. Growth of your business is all about being known, liked, and trusted first, and then driving measurable results that provide you with a number each day. This number should grow every day to achieve results. Berbay Marketing & PR believes that action should produce results and those results should be measurable enough to achieve your goals smoothly, quickly, and exponentially.