5 Things You Need to Know Know About Mario Kart 8

By Florian Godovits, Epoch Times

Whether you are a real novice to Nintendo’s Gaming Console or an experienced Gamer, Mario Kart has been popular among players from both ends of the range. For 6 years Mario Kart has been on the home console market, and in 2014 the new Mario Kart 8 is being introduced.

Here are the 4 most interesting features of the new version of this classic:

1) Anti-Gravity-Racing: Drive up walls and ceilings without having the face the typical frustrations of Gravity.

2) Speed boost from Player Collision: If you bump into another player while driving you will both get a speed boost. Enjoy!

3) New items:

  • Boomerang
  • The Piranha Plant
  • The Crazy 8
  • The Super Horn

4) New Online Modes: Play with up to 12 Players online and download data from other racers and upload highlights to YouTube

5) Runs at 60 Frames Per Seconds: The game looks just gorgeous!

Check out the look and feel of Mario Kart 8 in this Video: