Man’s Fall Down Staircase Captured on Google Street View

March 19, 2019 Updated: March 19, 2019

Warning: An image in this article might be disturbing to some viewers.

A Google Street View image captured the terrifying moment a man fell backward down a set of stairs in New Jersey.

The Google car, which is equipped with several cameras, was driving down Willow Avenue in Hoboken when the man was seen tumbling backward.

Still, at least there was no-one there to see him. Oh, wait…

Yahoo UK & Ireland 发布于 2019年3月18日周一

In the picture, the man appears to try and catch the stair’s railing but isn’t successful in preventing his fall.

In the next Street View image, the man is seen hitting his head on the step.

While some social media described his fall as “hilarious,” it’s anything but. A closeup of one of the images shows the man’s head making contact with the concrete, which could be potentially fatal.

That looks like it hurt!

Daily Mail 发布于 2019年3月18日周一

Google also captured bystanders looking in the direction of the man.

According to, Google’s Street View image of 725 Willow Ave. in Hoboken apparently changed on March 18 after the pictures went viral.

The man who fell was apparently blurred.

The photos were blurred (Google Street View)
The photos were blurred (Google Street View)

The original image was captured in August 2018.

Other details about the incident are not clear.

Fox News reported that the photos were first surfaced by users on Twitter.

Bystanders are seen looking in the direction of the man who fell (Google Street View)

It’s not clear if the man was seriously hurt.

Google Street View Makes Dog a Star

A Google Street View car apparently captured the moment an excited dog chased after it for a number of frames.

The photos were taken in Kumage, Japan, several years ago.

In the several Google photos, the dog is seen sprinting down the road to catch up to the Google Street View car, which has a giant, globe-like camera attached to the top.

The dog takes notice of the car (Google Street View)

The dog appears to have first spotted the car as it was sitting next to a boat along a road.

It’s not clear who owns the dog or if it was a stray.

The dog gets ready to run (Google Street)

SORA News reported that the dog became a hit on blogs that observe Google Street View.

The dog then begins to chase the car (Google Street)

A closeup photo shows the dog (Google Street)

The dog keeps going (Google Street)
It chases for more than a few frames (Google Street)