Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr: Shane Mosley Says Floyd Will Win

January 4, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

Manny Pacquiao will lose to Floyd Mayweather Jr., Shane Mosley says.

Pacquiao and Mayweather are likely going to fight this year, although the bout hasn’t been finalized yet.

Mosley has battled both boxers, although he lost to both.

Mosley did last 12 full rounds against both fighters–in 2010 against Money and in 2011 against Pacman.

“I give the slight edge to Money Mayweather because of his ability to move and get out the way and make it hard for Manny Pacquiao to find him,” Mosley told Boxing Scene.

Mosley believes Mayweather punches hard, despite some criticism that he doesn’t.

“Money Mayweather has a little bit of punching power as well. It’s not like he doesn’t hit hard. He’s not the hardest hitter but he’s not the softest. I think it will be a great fight,” he said.

Mosley did add that Pacquaio “definitely has a chance [to win].”

Mosley is just the latest boxer to offer his take on the potential megafight. Amir Khan said in November that he believes Pacquiao will win, saying: “He’s a stronger boxer, he punches harder, he has a little bit more quicker movements.”

Timothy Bradley said around the same time that he believes Mayweather would win, althoguh it would be close. 

“I think that the fight is a little more even now. I’m gonna have to favor Floyd Mayweather because he’s just brilliant in his boxing ability but you can’t take anything away from Manny Pacquiao,” Bradley said.

“I’m a really difficult fighter to deal with and Manny Pacquiao was able to deal with me, and if Manny Pacquiao is able to deal with me, he’s able to deal with anybody else, I truly believe that.”

Meanwhile, the latest update in the potential bout is that the teams are still negotiating. Michael Koncz, Pacman’s advisor, told RingTV that he gave Pacman a “counter offer” from Mayweather’s team, and that Pacman is considering it. 


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