Manhattan: Fire at High-Rise Building on West Side; Smoke Seen For Miles

January 5, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A fire was burning at a high-rise building on Manhattan’s West Side in New York City on Sunday.

Preliminary reports say there are people trapped in the building, located at 500 West 43 Street in Manhattan. The fire is located on the 20th floor of the building.

Some injuries were reported but the extent is not clear.

Several hundred firefighters are on the scene, according to ABC New York.

Several people uploaded photos and Instagram videos of the fire.

“We saw one guy out on a stretcher. Seems like the 20th floor. Mostly everyone else seems fine. A little early to tell,” wrote one witness on Twitter

Mickey Atwal, via Twitter, wrote that he was stuck in the building.

“Still stuck. Too much smoke on hallways. Elevators not working. Standing in balcony with wife and 2yr old,” he said.

It’s unclear what caused the fire, reported NBC.