Mandla Mandela: Nelson Mandela’s Grandson Embroiled in Court Case

December 6, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Mandla Mandela, Nelson Mandela’s grandson, is embroiled in a court case over suspicion that he assaulted a man and pointed a gun at him.

The situation happened in October, after a teacher allegedly crashed his vehicle into a car driven by one of Mandla’s guests.

Mandla was in another vehicle. 

Mandla was due to appear in court on Friday but the case was delayed after the death of Nelson Mandela, a police spokesman told SAPA. 

Mandla’s court case is now scheduled to happen on December 12.

Nelson Mandela’s grandson came under fire late last year after accusations that he pre-sold rights to broadcast Mandela’s funeral to CNN. He and CNN both denied the deal but many people still believe that it happened.


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