Man Who Owes Over $500,000 in Child Support Mysteriously Disappears

March 28, 2018 Updated: March 28, 2018

A Florida father who had an over $500,000 child support case against him missed another court date. Neighbors recall seeing him out paddleboarding a week ago.

Constantine George Theoharis missed his March 27 court date, and that’s after missing one on March 20, the same day a neighbor saw him head out to the ocean on a paddleboard. A figure believed to be Theoharis is seen in surveillance footage heading out on a paddleboard that morning, CBS Miami reported.

Since that day, he has not been seen or heard from. His wallet and passport are still at his home. His swim mask, fins, and weight belt are missing from his bag. Family members are still searching, according to CBS Miami.

“He’s very capable out there on that paddleboard. For him to drown like that in those conditions seems very fishy to me,” Richard Theoharis, Constantine’s brother, told CBS 4.

Theoharis’s uncle, John Katsikas, told CBS Miami that Theoharis is a skilled boater and diver. He said the family doesn’t know what happened to him, and that he didn’t take his diving tanks with him to the water.

Friends and family are searching for Theoharis. During the weekend they searched waters offshore and flew over the ocean. Theoharis’s is involved in an intense child support case.

“He was under pressure,” his brother told CBS 4. “He owed $600,000 and he didn’t have it. He was afraid the judge would throw him in jail. If he’s scared, we hope he will contact us. Make a phone call. Just let somebody know you’re safe so we can rest at night.”

Richard thinks his brother could be faking his disappearance to escape the legal consequences of his case.

Constantine Theoharis is a 52-year-old commercial real estate agent with two teenage children. He and his wife divorced in 2008. Their custody battle has lasted five years, according to NBC 6.


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