Man Wakes up From 3-month Coma, Finds out He Will Be a Dad

July 1, 2019 Updated: July 1, 2019

An English man woke from a three-month coma and discovered he would be a father again.

Joseph Cullen collapsed and was paralyzed by an immune disorder that affected his brain, according to the Daily Mail.

He was placed in a medically induced coma to treat autoimmune encephalitis, said partner Billie Smith, the report said.

Smith, 29, sat by his bedside nearly every day at the Royal Derby hospital, watching her pregnancy development.

Cullen, 29, then woke up to find that Smith was four months pregnant, the report said.

Speaking to the paper, he said it was a “miracle” that the two had their daughter, who is now six months old.

“Billie said to me ‘it’s a good job you’re awake because I’m pregnant,’” he said, describing how he woke up. “I was stunned. I was already in disbelief at my condition and the position I found myself in.”

He added: “It was the best news I could have wishes for.”

“It’s like she is a miracle baby because she could have been left without a dad,” Cullen noted, adding that “Poppy is the one good thing to come out of this whole experience. She gives me the strength to get better. All of the kids have.”

According to Smith, speaking to The Daily Mirror, she said his “reaction was amazing when I told him. He could only move his lips but I could see he was so excited. I never thought I’d get that moment. I thought he was going to die.”

In March 2018, Cullen, a computer programmer, began to have flu-like symptoms and migraines and spent three days in bed. However, he later collapsed and was sent to the hospital.

Later, his spinal fluid samples were sent to medical experts in the United State and Sweden. He was then diagnosed with autoimmune encephalitis, the Mirror reported.

In June 2018, he started to wake up from his coma. In December, Smith gave birth to the girl.

The Mirror reported that he cannot move his legs, but he still can use his arms.

“It’s like she is a miracle baby because she could have been left without a dad,” he said of holding his baby daughter.

Smith added: “Physio have taught him to live within his means. We are hopeful he’ll make a full recovery,” according to The Lad Bible.

“It’s taken since August to get to this point but he still can’t walk. I can’t wait for us to be at home as a family. The children need their dad. I don’t want the children to associate their dad with a phone screen or a hospital bed. We need him home,” she said.

Cullen said he is slated to go home in August.

“I can’t wait,” he added. “I just want to be home with my children. It will be an amazing day.”

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