Man Trapped Inside Coffin for 4 Days in Taiwan

March 17, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A mentally disabled Taiwanese man got stuck in a grave in central Taiwan that had been opened up for ceremonial cleaning.

Mr. Chien, 52, was found in Pifeng public cemetery in Chaotun, Nantou County. He said someone had pushed him in while he was going to the toilet, and the lid was too heavy to lift off by himself, according to China News.

A couple visiting the graveyard last Thursday heard someone calling for help from inside a nearby coffin, and called the police.

Four emergency workers lifted the lid of the grave, and found Chien inside wearing muddy wet clothing. He was taken to hospital, and found to have mild hypothermia, and bruising on his lower back.

Chien said that waking up trapped in the pitch dark was terrifying. He became dehydrated, but was able to use a plastic bag in his pocket to collect and drink his urine.

During the day, he could hear cars in the distance, but at night there was dead silence. At one point, rainwater from a storm dripped into the coffin, and he managed to drink some.

On the fourth day, he heard voices nearby, and called for help loudly.

Chien’s family have asked the police to investigate the matter. They believe he was pushed into the coffin by drunk pranksters.