Man to Spend 120 Days Behind Bars After Altercation During Which Pet Fish Was Killed

July 26, 2017 Updated: July 26, 2017

A man in Connecticut has been sentenced to 120 days behind bars for an altercation with his girlfriend during which he sliced their pet fighting fish in half.

Juan Vega, 33, was arrested on the evening of April 27, after the police received a call reporting disturbance in the neighbourhood. According to the incident report, Vega had showed up at his girlfriend’s home and the two got in a heated argument. The girlfriend’s 9-year-old son was also home at the time.

The police witnessed Vega telling the woman that he would just collect his possessions and leave, but shortly after, he pushed her and broke a TV.

Police spoke to the boy after the incident, which is how they learned the fate of the family’s pet fish.

“It really did traumatize the 9-year-old,” said Ronald Dearstyne, who was the state prosecutor during Vega’s hearing on July 25.

Dearstyne offered to drop the charges of animal abuse on the condition that Vega pleaded guilty to one count of second-degree breach of peace.

Vega accepted the 120-day prison sentence with no probation after admitting to having destroyed property and killing the fish. Dearstyne took into account the fact that Vega was on parole for previous misdemeanors at the time of this arrest. Vega has a criminal history involving convictions for selling drugs, Dearstyne told the Bristol Press.