Man Stranded in Arizona Desert With Beer and Crackers Survives to Tell His Story

'Tell my niece and nephew how much I love them'
August 6, 2017 Updated: August 8, 2017

A man was stranded for days in Arizona’s sweltering desert mountains with only a water bottle, some beers, crackers, and a spoiled sandwich. 

Mick Ohman was nearing the end of his road trip when he decided to take a different route home to Phoenix. But his car broke down on the way at around 3 p.m, on July 27, ABC News reported. 

On Google maps, he had typed in the “avoid highways” option hoping to find another, more scenic, route home. Little did he realize that this would be a mistake. 

He picked up his phone and recorded a message he hoped wouldn’t be his last: “If you find this phone and I didn’t do so well, please tell my sisters how much I love them.

“Tell my niece and nephew how much I love them. I’ve been praying all night. I’m terrified. I’m terrified. I love you guys. I hope this isn’t the end. Goodbye,” he said. 

Ohman’s voice trembled as he said those words, according to Az Central. 

After his car broke down, he hiked for hours in the wilderness trying to find a cell signal, which never appeared. 

As he was searching for help he left behind handwritten notes in his SUV with his cellphone number, home address, and the direction he was walking in, in case anyone discovered his car. 

He told ABC news he only had a half-full water bottle, two beers, a spoiled sandwich, and some crackers in a lunchbox inside his car.

When those supplies ran out he said he drank the water from nearby creeks. He was even forced to drink his own urine to survive after the creek water ran out. 

On the third day, more than 48 hours after being lost, Ohman spotted a trail biker riding and flagged him down. 

The biker, named Troy Haverland, took Ohman on an hour-long ride to Lake Pleasant, where he met local authorities and was checked by a medical team. 

Haverland told Az Central his reaction when he first saw Ohman.

“It didn’t take long to assess. I could see he was heat exhausted, emotionally broke down. As I was rolling up to him, you see his hands waving, they went into a prayer.”

“It turned out Troy was my guardian angel,” Ohman said.

After Peoria Fire Department officials checked Ohman’s health, Ohman told them he just wanted to go home and feed his cats, so the deputy drove him home. 

Ohman warned others to plan well before going to remote areas. He believed the only reason he survived was with the help of God. 

“I know for a fact that God’s love was with me out there.” 

“I really feel that there was something special going on out there and maybe my story can help somebody else,” he added.