Man Stabs Woman Weeks After She Bails Him Out of Jail

November 30, 2017 Updated: November 30, 2017

A man in Onondaga County, New York, stabbed and killed a woman on Nov. 28 who had bailed him out of jail just weeks before.

A woman was found lying in a hotel parking lot after sheriff’s deputies were dispatched at around 1 a.m. She was dead, with a stab wound to her chest. An investigation revealed that 61-year-old Rena Tindell was involved in a domestic incident with 58-year-old Keith Lobdell, before he stabbed her and fled the scene in her car, according to the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

They found Tindell’s car empty, but Lobdell was discovered hiding in a Syracuse apartment. He was charged with “Murder in the second degree, criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree, and aggravated criminal contempt in the first degree, “according to the sheriff’s office Facebook post on the incident. He was denied bail.

Lobdell had been arrested by state police on May 12 and accused of “pushing Tindell to the ground causing her to fracture her arm. She was beaten throughout the night and sexually assaulted,” according to the Facebook post. An order of protection was issued after the incident, while Lobdell was in jail.

Not long after, on May 31, Lobdell again assaulted Tindell. He had been released from jail only one day prior. This time he was charged with “burglary in the second degree, assault in the second degree, strangulation in the second degree, criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree, and criminal contempt in the first degree” after he “struck the victim in the head with a baseball bat, choked her with his hands and a seatbelt,“ according to the Facebook post.

Tindell posted his $200,000 bail on Nov. 3, bringing him out of jail again. Lobdell stayed at the Motel 6 upon his release, up until the time he murdered Tindell, according to Onondaga County Sheriff Eugene Conway, in a press conference, via CNYCentral.

Conway said the two knew each other for seven years, but would not clearly identify the nature of their relationship, although he does consider the case a result of a domestic dispute.

“I’m not going to try to establish what the relationship was. They had known each other for seven years, so obviously they were acquaintances to the point of being together,” Conway said at the press conference.

Conway said that he doesn’t know why she showed up at the hotel to again meet a man that had previously abused her but does recognize it as a pattern of victims of abuse. His office is still investigating “[w]hat may have caused, in a very very short period of time, probably less than 15 minutes, for her to arrive and this altercation to occur, and for her to wind up deceased.”


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