Man Stabs Girlfriend’s Dog for Siding With Her in Argument

July 23, 2017 Updated: July 23, 2017

A Florida man says he stabbed a dog to death because it always sided with his girlfriend in arguments.

Police charged Mike Lado, 26, with animal cruelty resulting in death, Fox 4 reported.

An arrest report says Lado was out drinking for several hours. When he returned home, he got into an argument with his girlfriend. Blue, a boxer-Labrador mix, sat by the girlfriend’s side during the argument.

Lado’s girlfriend, who is the dog’s owner, said that about five minutes after the argument, Blue slipped out of his collar and followed Lado into the kitchen. The dog didn’t approach Lado aggressively, but growled and barked at him.

Lado then reached for a large butcher knife and stabbed the dog twice.

Police who inspected the home say there was a pool of blood in the kitchen where the stabbing took place. There was also blood in the hallway leading to the back of the residence.

Police also found blood on the door making it appear like the dog was trying to get out of the house. Unable to get out, Blue had collapsed and bled to death near the door.

Police are holding Lado on a $5,000 bond.

From NTD Television