Man Snorts White Powder Off Table at McDonald’s as Children Look On

March 31, 2019 Updated: March 31, 2019

Staff at a McDonald’s restaurant in Scotland struggled to deal with two men who were snorting white powder off a tabletop as parents and children looked on in shock.

The disturbing scene was witnessed by Chloe McCree, 26, who was at the McDonald’s in Kilmarnock with her children on March 29, according to The Sun.

“I could not believe my eyes,” McCree told the British tabloid.

The paper published a photograph of the two men—reportedly snapped by McCree—showing one of them huddled over a line of white powder as the other looked on expectantly. Two staff members are seen standing by the table, with faces blurred.

The woman told The Sun that she saw one of the men using a card to break up the suspicious powder and then hold up a leaflet to hide the other as he leaned over for a snort.

McCree told the paper that one of the staff members shouted at the men as one inhaled the unknown substance, saying: “What are you doing? There are kids in here!”

The two men reacted with aggression, McCree told the paper.

“The guy taking the lines actually jumped up and claimed it was for his diabetes,” she said. “That’s just crazy.”

The father of a child at the restaurant finally intervened, McCree said, and kicked out the two.

The paper said McDonald’s had issued a statement following the incident, confirming that police had been called out to the restaurant and saying the company would cooperate with any investigation.

Razor in Happy Meal?

A man who took his 4-year-old son to a McDonald’s drive-thru for a Happy Meal was reportedly shocked to discover a razor blade inside.

Scot Dymond told Channel3000 that his son, Emmett, made the unwelcome discovery after they got home.

Dymond said when his son looked inside the bag, he discovered a handheld scraping tool with a sharp razor blade attached.

“The manager said they were sorry, and they could comp us a free meal,” the father said to WMTV.

Dymond spoke to the police department in Columbus, which confirmed that it was indeed a scraper tool.

Police officers asked parents to be vigilant about double-checking any Happy Meal bags handed out to children.

“Always be aware of what you’re giving your children,” Lt. Dennis Weiner told WMTV. “Give it an extra eye.”

Hard As a Rock

A McDonald’s customer posted a video on Facebook that he alleges portrays a very hard McGriddle sandwich.

Edwin Edl went to a McDonald’s in Singapore to purchase the product on Friday, March 29.

“Proudly present to you Sausage McRock with egg,” Edl wrote, Fox News reported.

I usually don’t do this. But this is way too funny for me not to share!! But thank you McDonald’s for making my…

Posted by Edwin Edl on Friday, March 22, 2019

In the video, he’s seen trying to stab the griddle with a plastic fork, which bends. The food remains unpunctured.

He also uses a metal fork, which bends, as well as a screwdriver. He then uses a hammer and a nail, which penetrates the apparently rock-hard sandwich.

Edl, in the Facebook post, claimed he didn’t freeze it before making the video. Some Facebook users had suggested otherwise.

McDonald’s customer stuns social media users with videos of ‘Sausage McRock’ breakfast sandwich.Dude gats rock hard…

Posted by KTXR FM 101.3 The Outlaw on Wednesday, March 27, 2019

“For those who are asking, I did not put into the freezer or do anything to it. It came the way it is. Thanks!!” he wrote.

Edl said that both McDonald’s and GrabFood contacted him and “did an excellent job on customer handling service.”

McDonald’s has not issued a public statement about the matter.

Epoch Times reporter Jack Phillips contributed to this report.

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