Man Sneaks Into House As Family Sleeps — What He Does Next Is Unbelievable

May 23, 2018 Updated: May 23, 2018

A Utah family were terrified after an intruder snuck into their house in the middle of the night and acted strangely while snooping around the master bedroom where a mother and baby slept.

The man broke into the home near 2500 E. and 200 S. in Layton around 3:40 a.m. on Monday, May 14, the Layton City Police Department said in a statement.

The hair-raising incident was captured on a baby camera and shows the intruder exposing himself and standing next to the crib and bed where the baby and mother slept, police said.

The family-of-four, who did not want to be identified, said they noticed something was wrong on Monday morning when the sliding door to their bedroom was halfway open.

The father then checked their recently installed baby camera and was horrified to see the intruder walking around the room where his wife and son had been sleeping, reported Fox 13.

Despite there being electronics in the room, the man had not taken anything. The woman and infant were also not touched but he was seen exposing himself with an iPhone in his hand.

“It terrifies me. I really don’t know how to process it,” the mother told Fox 13.

“What if he was taking pictures of me? I feel like that’s taken from me. My privacy of my body should be mine alone.”

The family was unsure how the man managed to get into the house. They said there were no signs of forced entry and every door was locked. They think the intruder may have known their garage code, meaning that he could have been watching them or know the family personally.

“That’s what is worrisome to us, that it could potentially be somebody that we know, and this has been happening under our nose,” the father told the news station.

Police are now appealing to the public in hopes of identifying the man.

“The suspect appears to be thin, wearing dark jeans, slip on shoes, a light, possibly multi-colored sweatshirt, a wedding band, and carrying an iPhone with a case showing the Apple symbol through a cutout,” police said in their statement.

Even though the footage does not show the man’s face, police hope someone would be able to recognize him from his mannerisms or clothing.

The couple said they hope the man would turn himself in so that they could have an opportunity to forgive him, reported the news station.

“Things can be made right but you have to at least try,” the mother said.

Anyone with information should contact Layton City Police Department on 801-497-8300 and reference incident number 18-07370.


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