Man Runs Out of Gas on Texas Parkway and Dies Moments Later

May 26, 2019 Updated: May 26, 2019

Family and friends are mourning the tragic loss of a young Texan man who died shortly after running out of fuel on May 25.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) confirmed that a Ford F-150 pickup truck ran over the victim about 3 a.m. local time at the SH-99 Grand Parkway and Telge Road in the Houston neighborhood of Richmond.

“‪Tragic situation, may he rest in peace,” HCSO Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said on Twitter. “The deceased male has been identified as Michael Joice, 30-year-old white male.”

The victim had been trying to ask the other driver to stop and help because the vehicle that both he and his wife was traveling in had just run out of gas.

“[The] husband and wife ran out of gas. [The] husband attempted to flag down a car for help, at which time he was struck by a truck,” Gonzalez said on Facebook. “The male was confirmed deceased at the scene. The victim’s wife was not injured.”

The F-150 driver was transported to hospital with just minor injuries.

The sheriff revealed at least one more vehicle struck Joice before deputies arrived at the scene.

“The male was also struck by a secondary vehicle. The driver of the initial striking pickup remained at scene, second driver did not,” Gonzalez said.

Joice does not appear to have consumed alcohol before the accident happened.

“At this point, alcohol does not appear to be a factor regarding the driver of first striking pickup,” the sheriff said.

The eastbound lanes were closed throughout the crash investigation.

Deputies investigating the incident told ABC13 Eyewitness News the location was poorly lit and agree that alcohol was unlikely to be a factor in the tragedy.

A HCSO deputy has previously helped stranded motorists who were in similar predicaments.

“One of our Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies assisted a stranded motorist in need,” Gonzalez said on Facebook. “Hats off to him for going above and beyond in his duties. Thank you … your commitment is appreciated.”