Man in Tactical Gear Arrested After Exchanging Fire with Police (Video)

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June 4, 2014 Updated: June 4, 2014

A massive search ended with the capture of 44-year-old Anthony Reardon after shots were fired in South Hampton, New Hampshire, police said.

The manhunt road closures and house evacuations begun after police were called to check on someone in Highland Ave. in South Hampton. When Kensington police and State police arrived they were greeted with a man unidentified as 44-year-old Anthony Reardon, police say he was wearing tactical gear a helmet and carrying fire arms.

Exec. Major Dave Parenteau from NH state police said, ” When a Kensington officers and a trooper arrive on the scene they were meet with an individual who was armed the officers attempted to communicate with this individual  they were unable to have the gentlemen release his firearms…”

Anthony Reardon tried  to steal  the Kensington’s police cruiser but run into state police cruiser and got stuck then escaped to the woods. Police were taking cover  at the time because at one point there was gun fire.

Chief Michael Sielicki said, ” Rounds were exchanged, whether  he shot at police officers we are not sure at this point or they shot back, we are still in the middle of determining who fired what rounds.”

luckily no one was hit from the gun fire.



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