Man Hits Woman After She Rejects Him, Then Runs Away

April 22, 2019 Updated: September 6, 2019

A man punched a woman in a subway car after she refused to give her contact information to him. He quickly ran off, but was later detained by authorities, according to Chinese state-backed media The Beijing News.

The attacker, surnamed Huang, struck the woman on April 15 in Hubei Province, China after she rejected him twice. He was caught by police on April 19 and was put under custody for 10 days in Wuhan City.

Chinese web users responded with general disgust at the man’s behavior.

Refusal, Then “Hit and Run”

Footage from a surveillance camera on the subway showed Huang being interested in a woman who caught his attention.

Another person was sitting between the two, so Huang got up and began a conversation with the woman. He asked her if he could add her WeChat contact, the most popular messaging app in China, similar to Facebook messenger.

However, the woman indirectly refused him, and continued using her cellphone.

Then Huang stepped away from the woman. He looked through the closed subway door window, and combed his hair with his hand, possibly looking at his own reflection.

Huang tries his luck once more, and is refused again by the young woman.

The train then arrives at the next station. As passengers enter and exit the subway car, Huang shuffles closer to the door. He stands with an odd posture, with his right hand in front of his belly.

Then Huang backhands the woman with his fist.

Just as quickly as he struck her, he runs off the the train, with the doors closing behind him. The woman was stunned and the passengers all looked around in surprise.

“There were a lot of people in the subway car, so he felt like he lost face,” a Wuhan police officer told The Beijing News. In China, losing face is suffering public humiliation or embarrassment.

According to The Beijing News, Huang confessed that previously there was at least one woman willing to add his WeChat, and he was able to take that woman on a date.

Huang said that when he sees a beautiful woman, he just wants to add her WeChat, according to The Beijing News. His boss had previously reported him to the police for his behavior, and his wife had gotten into arguments with him.

Huang was charged for assault—he was detained for 10 days and fined 200 yuan ($30), according to The Beijing News.

Popular comments on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, included user “Lettheskyfall” posting a popular comment: “Why blur his face?”

Another user named “Silent conclusion, hehe” posted: “This kind of person has a wife?”

User “Stephen-Curry” posted: “Only detained for 10 days?”