Man Finds His Car Totally Frozen Over by Lake Erie in New York

January 13, 2016 Updated: January 13, 2016

A New York man who lives near Lake Erie found what the term “lake effect snow” means—the hard way.

The man’s car was slammed by an arctic blast that hammered Buffalo and its surrounding areas.

Wind gusts of up to 47 mph produced massive waves on the lake, causing water to spill over and freeze parked cars.

One car was hit particularly hard, as it was frozen solid in a thick layer of ice. The owner, Justin Yelen, told The Buffalo News that he was planning to use a power washer to thaw out the ice.

On Sunday, Yelen went to Hoak’s Restaurant in Hamburg, located near Buffalo, to watch sports and have drinks. He went out a few times and thought it “didn’t seem that bad.”

However, it was worse than he expected.

Wind and water pelted his Mitsubishi Lancer and froze it into an ice sculpture. The ground by the car was also frozen.

Photos of the car went viral on Facebook and Twitter.

According to, crews on Wednesday freed the car from its frozen shell.

The Buffalo News reported that the shell was left behind, and it’s still on the shore of the lake.