Man Fakes Robbery to Make His Girlfriend Happy

April 8, 2016 Updated: April 8, 2016

Taylor and Amanda are walking down the street when four guys approach them. “What you got in your pockets?” one asks. They’re not letting Taylor and his girlfriend go. Moments later a policeman on a bike enters the scene. “Hey guys. You got a problem here?” the officer asks.

He said he had a gun.

Next thing, Taylor is accused of trying to intimidate the guys with a gun. “He said he had a gun,” one of the guys says. Amanda and Taylor defend themselves, but the cop is getting ready to frisk Taylor.

Yet when the “officer” asks Taylor to put his hands behind his back, he puts a small dark box in his palm. At this moment everything is probably clear to us viewers, but Amanda is still in the dark on what’s about to happen.

The whole thing suddenly becomes clear for her when the guys snap their fingers and start to sing as Taylor drops on one knee.

Long story short, she says yes.

The guys were the Linkin’ Bridge music group teaming up with prankster Tom Mabe to produce this elaborate proposal.

How do you like it?