Man Drives Past Car—What He Sees Coming Out of the Trunk Shocks Him

June 11, 2018 Updated: September 27, 2018

A Memphis woman has been arrested and charged for two counts of child endangerment, after she was filmed transporting two children in dog kennels, reported CBS news.

The incident was filmed on cell phone on Saturday by a man who happened to drive pass as the children were exiting from the vehicle.

The disturbing footage shows 62 year-old Leimone Cheeks opening the grate to a dog kennel that was in the trunk of her vehicle. Moments later, a girl straightens her bent knees to emerge from the pet enclosure.

The man later informed the Memphis Police Department, which then led to the arrest Cheeks, who is the grandmother of the two children.

In a Facebook post the man said: “This is so hard to believe that footage was the best piece of evidence. My prayers will and shall remain with the children that are involved and the ones that we don’t know that are going through things like this.”

According to the Daily Mail, the children–aged seven and eight–were told by Cheeks that there wasn’t enough room in the back seat of the SUV for them to sit safely.

The children had also complained about the heat whilst they were kept in the confined space of the car trunk, according to WREG.

(Screenshot via Eric Dupree/Facebook)

Temperatures on Saturday reached 95 degrees, according to CBS.

Cheeks recently brought the kennels for her two puppies.

Shocked neighbors who have described Cheeks as a nice lady told CBS: “I really can’t see her doing that.”

The man who recorded the image said on Facebook: “I just thank God something was done!!! Not saying its going to change but eyes are open now. This lady had no problem at all letting her kids out of these cages in public. This will not become the normal.


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