Man Charged With Murder of 3-Year-Old Who Didn’t Put on Her Pajamas

December 8, 2017 Updated: December 8, 2017

A man has been charged with murdering a three-year-old girl who died of head injuries after he allegedly became upset when she didn’t put on her pajamas.

Jalen Vaden was charged with Second Degree Murder on Dec. 7, following the death of his girlfriend’s daughter after he allegedly “tossed” her face first onto the floor of their home in Jasper County, Missouri.

Three-year-old Jayda Kyle died of traumatic head injuries on Dec. 1, four days after she was found bleeding and unresponsive in her bedroom on Nov. 27, according to KOAM TV.

Vaden, 22, is described by police as a “live-in boyfriend”.

Police investigators claim that an interview with Vaden revealed he had become upset on finding three-year-old Jayda had not put her pajamas on as instructed, according to court documents provided by Koam TV.

The affidavit, filed by the Carl Junction Police Department, provides a statement of their interview. It alleges he picked up and threw her to the floor, where she hit her head, on first discovering she had not put on her pajamas.

A “short time” later when she appeared again without her pajamas, Vaden again became upset, this time allegedly throwing her to the bed.

Epoch Times Photo
Jalen Dashawn Vaden (Carl Junction Police Department)

When he came back again and found her again without her pajamas, he picked her up by her leg, and threw her again to the floor, “face first” according to the affidavit.

He later found her bleeding and unresponsive in her bedroom.

She was taken to a local hospital, then to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City where she died of “abusive head injuries” according to the hospital staff, who alerted the police.

“She [Jayda] was transported to a local hospital, then life flighted up to Kansas City. That’s when the first allegations of abuse came from, and that’s where we started our investigation, was because of that,” said Carl Junction Police Chief Delmar Haase, reported KOAM.

“At this point, the mother and the family believed it was a medical incident and we have no reason to believe any involvement, in this part of the investigation.”

After interviewing the mother, Devyn Kyle, police specifically cleared her of any wrongdoing.

The Jasper County Prosecutor’s office has also charged Vaden with Abuse or Neglect of a Child Resulting in Death, a felony.

The case has stirred some anger on social media. Carl Junction Police Department took down a Facebook post announcing the arrest of Jaden, saying that the commenting had “got out of hand.”

“There’s other places to find the news if anyone wants to comment. We do live in a country that is built on the right of free speech and I believe in that right. I just don’t want to provide the forum.”

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