Man Bites Passengers, Attacks Crew on JetBlue Flight Over Utah

December 13, 2017 Updated: December 14, 2017

Passengers and crew worked together to restrain a man biting and attacking people on a JetBlue flight from Los Angeles to New York.

The man started to bite and attack passengers sitting next to him when the plane was somewhere over Utah. Passengers helped the crew restrain the man, according to CBS Los Angeles. The plane made a landing in Las Vegas where law enforcement took the man off the plane, according to an email statement from JetBlue.

“I grabbed his hands behind his back and held him there while the flight attendant put the restraints on him,” said Tom, via CBS. “At that point, he started yelling and tried to come toward the flight attendant who was behind me at the time. I really had a hell of a time keeping him in place there.”

CBS reported that the man knew the passengers he started to bite sitting beside him. Reporters at the network also said that medical staff who approached the man were attacked. When a flight attendant and a passenger worked together to restrain the man, he went after the flight attendant as well.

Readers of a Daily Mail report on the story joked in the comments section that the incident occurred because airlines stopped serving full meals on flights.

“See? All flights DO come with an in flight meal…” wrote one reader.

“Didn¿t like the airline snack pac,” wrote another reader.

On Nov. 27 a woman on a flight from Brazil to New York bit at least three flight attendants, the New York Post reported. Forty-year-old Ires Alves Pereira punched the passenger beside her and got into a fight that included biting, with flight attendants who came over to calm the drunken woman.

She was eventually restrained with the help of another passenger and strapped into her seat.


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