Man Attempts to Forcibly Cut Barber’s Hair Over Bad Haircut

April 10, 2019 Updated: September 6, 2019

A customer in China who was unhappy with his haircut took matters into his own hands by attempting to forcibly shave his barber’s head.

The angry customer, last name Chen, managed to pin his hairdresser, who goes by the nickname Tony, to a barber’s chair and attempted to shave his head.

Chen was later detained by police, according to multiple mainland Chinese media outlets.

The incident, which took place in a barbershop in southwest China’s Chongqing City on March 31, was caught on the shop’s security camera and widely shared on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter.

Hair Cut Conflict

The video shows Chen clearly dissatisfied after receiving a haircut from Tony. He can be seen talking to other people in the shop, saying that Tony did not cut his hair the way he wanted. He also points to an image on his phone, indicating his desired haircut.

Chen says that Tony didn’t give him what he wanted, but Tony appears to be unapologetic.

“That’s what I gave you … you’re looking down on me,” Tony says.

Chen replies, “I’ll give you the haircut [that I wanted].”

Chen then picks up a pair of barber’s scissors, and reaches toward Tony’s head, snipping at his hair. Tony shoves Chen’s hand away, but Chen begins struggling with the barber, scissors still in hand.

The customer starts yelling at the barber, and throws the scissors on the ground. Chen then grabs Tony, picks him up, and attempts to get him to sit on the barber’s chair. Chen eventually forces Tony into one of the chairs.

Tony sits, but keeps his arms up, defending himself, while Chen yells at him, telling him to sit and not move. The customer then takes a pair of white electric clippers, and begins running it through Tony’s hair, while keeping his left hand around the barber’s throat.

In the meantime, several people gather outside the barbershop, watching the quarrel. Chen continues to use the clippers on Tony, but no hair can be seen falling to the ground.

Tony remains tense in the chair, and after a few moments, seems to gather himself. After a short while, he abruptly stands up, but Chen grabs him.

“I made him sit in the chair, and then he fought away from me,” Chen said in a video filmed by police and published by Pear Videos, a major Chinese short-video platform.

“When he got away, I forced him back down into the chair.”

Tony can be seen sitting with his legs crossed after being forced back into the chair. But within a few seconds, he stands up once more, and this time quickly walks out of the shop. Chen attempts to follow him, but stops just outside the front door.

Luckily for the barber, no hair appears to have actually been clipped off during the ordeal.

Chen was later detained, according to Pear Videos.