Man Assaults Female Coworker in Meeting, Then Romantically Pursues Her

July 23, 2019 Updated: September 6, 2019

A woman was violently abused at her workplace in front of coworkers by a male employee. He then sexually harassed and later romantically pursued her, according to mainland Chinese media.

No criminal action has been taken against the man as of yet.

The woman, given the false name Annette, is a 19-year-old intern working in the major Chinese city of Shenzhen in southern Guangdong Province. The man, surnamed Liu, assaulted her in the workplace on June 13 and the incident was recorded by security cameras.

Liu has allegedly harassed other female employees in similar ways, but the police have not been involved, according to the Shenzhen Metro Channel on July 20.

Office Abuse

Annette moved to Shenzhen in June to start an internship. On the morning of June 13, she went to a meeting where she and others were taking a written examination for the employer.

Liu then charged into the room and began accosting another female employee, according to the Shenzhen Metro Channel. He demanded that Annette give him a phone that was sitting on the table, but she refused and only pointed to it.

Security footage showed the two getting into an argument. Annette slams the table with her hand, stands up in Liu’s face, and pushes him. Liu then fights back. He grabs Annette by the neck and throws her to the ground. He kicks her twice, as other co-workers run over to restrain him.

After the altercation, he ran out of the office, according to the Shenzhen Metro Channel. Annette had many bruises after the fight and reported the incident to the police. The police summoned Liu, but he did not show up. So far police have not appeared to follow up with Liu.

An hour later, Annette began receiving messages from Liu, threatening her, and sexually harassing her.

Then, at a later time, Liu completely changed his tone. He apologized by texting and making direct advances towards her, pursuing her as a love interest, according to the Shenzhen Metro Channel.

Annette wrote in one exchange, “Why haven’t you gone to have your brain checked?” Liu responded with: “Then let’s go to a bar together, we’re good friends. Anyway, I just want to invite you out.”

“He invited me out last night,” Annette told the Shenzhen Metro Channel. “Then he said I should trust him, and that he likes me, and that he’ll be responsible for me.”

Annette blocked Liu when he would not back off his advances. Instead of taking the hint, Liu instead began using other people’s phones to call Annette.

“Other co-workers have been harassed by him,” Annette told the Shenzhen Metro Channel. “I hope the police can hurry up and arrest him.”

The report says that the police is in a position to forcefully summon Liu, but did not say if they actually will do so, according to the Shenzhen Metro Channel.