Man Arrested on Criminal Charges for Displaying Kuomintang Flag

July 3, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: July 3, 2006 12:00 am

Around June 4, 2006, Mr. Zhang Qi, a member of the Pan-Blue [1] Coalition in Chongqing City of Sichuan Province and a spirit member of the Kuomintang (KMT), displayed the party flag of the KMT and the national flag of the Republic of China outside of Chongqing's Hongyan Martyrs Tombs during a meeting with his net friends. On June 22, at 11 p.m., Zhang was unexpectedly arrested by Chongqing's National Protection Brigade, with criminal charges for the “illegal organization engaged in the illegal gathering activity.” It was reported that a young female named Yun Hai was also summoned.

According to the China-based Pen-Blue Coalition on June 23, 23-year-old Zhang Qi, a fresh university graduate, is the administrator of the Pan-blue Coalition in the Chongqing area. He is also a worshiper of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's “Three Principles of the People.” To commemorate the June 4th Incident [Tiananmen Square Massacre], he hoped the Chinese authorities would be able to face squarely the various atrocities they have committed since the ruling. On June 4, Zhang met with his net friends at the Hongyan Martyrs Tombs in Chongqing and displayed the flag of the KMT and the national flag of the Republic of China, in hopes for universal harmony and peace. He hoped that all the Chinese people would be able to tolerate one another to forge ahead with a gradual political reform in conformity with the mode desired by economic reform, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of a peaceful and democratic unification of China and Taiwan.

Hearing Zhang's case, the spokesman of the Chinese Pan-blue Alliance, Sun Buer, has tried his best to rescue Zhang. When interviewed by The Epoch Times , he said, “The Chinese Pan-blue Coalition is nothing but an Internet community, which has no organizational program and structure. It is simply a community established spontaneously by the Chinese people who believe in the 'Three Principles of the People' to provide the KMT's spiritual members with community services. All of them are volunteer workers. It is indeed ridiculous to refer to them as an 'illegal organization.' Because of the young man's craving for freedom, democracy and peace, he expressed his own wishes by carrying the national flag of the Republic of China. However, such a simple act was forcibly accused by the Chinese authorities as an 'illegal assembly.' That being the case, I wonder what they would say about the Chinese Communist regime's inviting the then chairman of the KMT to visit mainland China. The former chairman of the KMT could officially be invited to visit mainland China, but why can't the flag of the KMT and the national flag of the Republic of China be displayed together? Apparently this shows that the magistrates are free to commit arson while the people are forbidden to light their lamps.”

On this matter, the Chinese Pan-blue Coalition published an article to express their strong protests, saying that “The dictators are crazy about their privileges far more than national interests. It is purely an illusion for the kind-hearted Chinese people to think that the Chinese authorities and the people on the two sides of the Taiwan Straight would reconcile their differences with wisdom to promote peaceful unification. What the Chinese authorities have done indicates that they have no intention of reconciling the political disparities between the two sides. On the surface, they are promoting democracy, but in reality they are defending their dictatorship, and the harmonious atmosphere is only a disguise for cruel suppression. They continue to conceal the despicable secession with the image of reunification.”

On June 23, 2006, when an Epoch Times reporter made a phone call to the Yupei Police Station, they said that Zhang Qi had been transferred to Shapingba District Detention Center. As the reporter phoned the detention center, they first said that they had no comments, but they eventually admitted that Zhang was in the detention center, but refused to give any further information.

Our reporter also contacted Yun Hai, who was once summoned in this case. She told the reporter that on June 22, about 5 p.m., she was informed to report to the Yupei Police Station within 30 minutes, or she must be prepared to suffer the consequences. She was not allowed to go home until midnight. The police told her that she was summoned because she participated in an “illegal assembly,” and asked her where the flags were from. During the process, she spotted that Zhang Qi was interrogated next door.

To rescue Zhang Qi, Sun Buer and overseas pro-democracy activist Chen Rongli have donated 300 yuan (US$37.50) and 2,000 yuan ($250.20) respectively. At the same time, they call on all friends both inside China and overseas to actively help in rescuing Zhang Qi.

Note: [1] It is named after the color of the Kuomintang emblem.