Man Arrested for Throwing Pizza at Father After Finding out His Dad Helped Deliver Him at Birth

January 7, 2019 Updated: January 7, 2019

A Florida man was arrested on Jan. 3, after he allegedly attacked his father by throwing pizza at him after learning his father helped deliver him at birth, according to reports.

Police arrived at Robert Houston’s home in Holiday, Florida, discovering a slice of pizza on a chair along with tomato sauce and cheese splattered inside the residence, WFLA reported.

The man’s father told officials that he was coming home from walking his dogs when his son picked up the pizza from a delivery man. Then, Houston held his father down, yelled at him, and shoved the pizza in his face, according to police, according to WTSP.

“The victim began to flail around trying to get the defendant off him at which point the defendant went outside and awaited law enforcement,” an arrest warrant read, as reported by WFLA.

Houston, 33, later told police he “threw pizza at his dad’s face striking him with it due to him being mad his dad helped give birth to him,” reported WTSP.

Two other family members corroborated his father’s claims, said authorities.

It was a decades-long family secret, apparently.

Bradenton Herald 发布于 2019年1月4日周五

“He walked up to me and turned around putting his hands behind his back, saying he knows I’m going to take him to jail,” a deputy said in a police report.

It’s not clear why that detail caused him to attack his father. He was arrested on a domestic battery charge.

Houston is now being held at the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center and is being held on $150 bond, according to WFLA.

Second Florida Food Incident

It comes a few days after a woman in Palm Beach County, Florida, attacked her parents and chased them with a 12-inch knife after they apparently refused to take her to Outback Steakhouse.

A Lake Worth woman has been arrested for attacking her parents because they refused to take her to Outback restaurant Wednesday night.

WPBF 25 News 发布于 2019年1月3日周四

Deanna Seltzer, 28, went into a rage and flipped over a table before punching her mother, reported CW12.

Seltzer then allegedly picked up a 12-inch decorative knife and chased her father around the house after he intervened, saying, “I’m going to kill you,” according to the report.

It’s not clear if Seltzer was under the influence of alcohol or drugs when she allegedly attacked her parents.

Violent Crime Down?

The FBI said that both violent crime and property crime decreased in 2017 compared to 2016. Overall violent crime decreased 0.2 percent from 2016 to 2017, while property crime decreased 3 percent during that time, the agency said in September, releasing data from 2016.

“There were more than 1.2 million violent crimes reported to UCR nationwide in 2017. There was a 0.7 percent decrease in murders and a 4 percent decrease in robberies from 2016 to 2017. Aggravated assaults increased 1 percent in 2017. The FBI began collecting data solely on an updated rape definition last year, and 135,755 rapes were reported to law enforcement in 2017,” the FBI said in its report.