Man Allegedly Hired Hitman to Kill Ex; She Caught Him With Faked Photos

March 22, 2018 Updated: March 22, 2018

WARNING: Photos may be distressing for some viewers

The man who planned a two-way murder-for-hire plot against his ex-girlfriend and his new girlfriend’s husband appeared in a Houston courtroom on March 21 to learn how he had been plotted against.

Dr. Leon Phillip Jacob, 39, is charged with hiring a hitman to kill his girlfriend of nearly three years, Meghan Verikas, and the husband of the woman he had been dating for only two months, Dr. Valerie Busick McDaniel, the Daily News reported.

Jacob allegedly assaulted Verikas in January 2017, which ended their relationship. Verikas then filed assault and stalking charges against Jacob, which could have ended his medical career, according to ABC13.

Jacob wanted to silence his ex in order to save his career.

It so happened, Jacob’s current girlfriend, a veterinarian, wanted to kill her husband of 17 years, Marion “Mack” McDaniels. According to Fox News, Dr. Valerie McDaniel owed her husband $1.25 million from a divorce settlement, and the two were locked in a fierce custody battle.

Valerie McDaniel wanted to be free of the divorce case and her ex-husband to pursue a life with Jacob, whom she had been dating for two months.

Jacob and Valerie McDaniel hired who they believed were two hitmen to eliminate the two people they felt were standing between them and their dreams.

However, the hitmen were lawmen, and instead of taking cash for a double murder, they were recording everything Jacob said, preparing a court case.

Both victims cooperated with the police to stage their own murders so that the plotters would think the hits had succeeded.

Police photographed Marion McDaniels lying on the floor with pig’s blood spattered on his head and face.



They also photographed Verikas zip-tied in a chair with duct tape sealing her mouth, feigning a kidnapping.

Jacob and Valerie McDaniel paid the officers $20,000 in cash and two Cartier watches to commit the murders, CBS News reported. Other sources say the final figure was $10,000.

The two supposed “hitmen” showed up with the faked photos and asked for the rest of the money owed them—then arrested Jacob and Valerie McDaniel for solicitation of murder.

Jacobs and Valerie McDaniels were arrested in March, 2017, but both got out on bond. Valerie McDaniel committed suicide less than a week after her release.



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