Man Actually Recreates Thor’s Hammer

May 6, 2019 Updated: May 6, 2019

Through the ages, timeless stories of myths has fascinated humankind, such as the story of Thor and his mighty hammer. One man became so intrigued with the concept and Marvel’s adaptation of the character that he took it upon himself to become “seemingly” as strong as Thor.

While shooting video on Venice Beach in Los Angeles, Allen Pan, an electrical engineer tries to get a young man to pick up the hammer. When he the man cannot pick it up, Pan picks it up with no problem. Pan, who works as an electrical engineer by trade designed this unique hammer so that only he could pick it up.

The hammer was built with a magnet that engages when anyone other than Pan tries to pick it up. Inside the hammer contained a built-in capacitive touch sensor, or finger print scanner, that disengages the magnet, Pan obtained from a microwave oven, and allows only the hammer’s creator to pick it up.

Powered by four 12 volt SLA batteries, the hammer reacted to Pan’s thumb print and stops the magnet. He created a custom cover to make the hammer appear ordinary looking and unsuspecting to others who he tried to get to lift the hammer.

Throughout the video, Pan fooled several Venice Beach goers with his incredible strength and ablitity to lift “Thor’s Hammer,” Mjolnir.

Credit: Newsflare