Man Accused of Cutting Off Wife’s Arm, Fingers Arrested

June 26, 2018 Updated: June 26, 2018

A man who was accused of cutting off his wife’s arm and some of her fingers is on police custody, authorities say.

Yong Lu, 35, fled his house in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, at Fifth Avenue and 55th Street after attacking his pregnant wife with a knife last Thursday.

Lu was found near Niagara Falls on Saturday, police said, but few details have been released about his capture.

The chief of the Niagara Falls Police Department tweeted a photo of the arrest with the caption: “This is a text book arrest due to proactive policing during a potentially deadly situation that ended without force and the apprehension of a very dangerous suspect. And all with his NFPD 8 point hat on!”

The Buffalo News reported that Lu had a life vest on when he was apprehended, and officials believe he was planning to swim to Canada.

“He purchased a life jacket, and we’re assuming he was going to swim across” to Canada, Deputy Marshal Brent Novak told the paper.

He also tried to be a stowaway on a bus, according to Novak.

“He talked to a bus driver and asked to ride over to Canada in the luggage compartment,” Novak said, adding that the bus driver refused.

His wife, also 35, almost lost her arm. He cut it off right above the bicep, but surgeons were able to put it back on, according to ABC7.

She also had fingers on her left hand cut off in the vicious attack, which was reportedly the result of a domestic dispute.

Officials say that she and the baby are both expected to survive and are in stable condition. The couple also has a 7-year-old son.

Lu was set to be returned to New York City over the weekend, the Buffalo News reports.

The NYPD says he’s being charged with attempted murder, two counts of assault, and criminal possession of a weapon.


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