Man Accused of Adultery Stoned to Death by ISIS, Images Show

February 28, 2018 Updated: February 28, 2018

A man accused of adultery was stoned to death by ISIS terrorists in Afghanistan, photos released online show.

Disturbing images, reportedly released by ISIS’s Khorasan Province branch, show the before and after shots of a man who was executed by public stoning.

One image shows a blindfolded man kneeling down before a large crowd, with what looks like an ISIS flag in the background. Dozens of men in the crowd appear to be holding stones, with piles of stones near at their feet.

The next image depicts the man lying on the ground surrounded by stones, as the mob continues to hurl heavy rocks at him.

A third picture shows what appears to be the lifeless body of the man wrapped up in cloth. Men and boys look at the covered corpse while it is being tied onto a stretcher.

According to users who posted the images to Twitter, the man was executed because he was accused of adultery, the Daily Mail reported.

This is not the first time ISIS has purportedly released images of public stonings of accused adulterers.

In October 2016, two men were reportedly stoned to death by a large crowd at a town square in eastern Syria. The victims were similarly charged with adultery and condemned to be brutally executed under the group’s strict interpretation of Shariah law.

Last June, pictures spread online showed four married men being stoned to death for the same adultery charge. In one image, one victim is seen praying on the ground next to a pile of rocks, before the execution begins. The public killing was reported to have taken place in an Iraqi town.

According to the New York Post from an article originally published by The Sun, the stones used in an execution are not large enough to swiftly kill the person. It is therefore used to heighten the victim’s suffering before death.

These chilling images come less than a week after ISIS released new propaganda material calling adherents to “burn America,” attack London, and target Russian political and religious leaders.



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