Man Accosts Kim Kardashian in Paris Yet Another Time

By The Associated Press
The Associated Press
The Associated Press
September 29, 2016 Updated: September 29, 2016

PARIS—Serial celebrity accoster Vitalii Sediuk has struck again, this time at Paris Fashion Week, targeting Kim Kardashian as she was entering an exclusive restaurant.

Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic caught the Wednesday incident on video and posted it to his Instagram account.

It showed the reality television star negotiating her way through a crowd of paparazzi past her black car, as Sediuk, a former Ukrainian television reporter, swooped in.

The security detail is seen to react immediately and pull him to the floor amid cries and expletives from the crowd in front of the L’Avenue eatery.

In a statement to The Associated Press, Sediuk confirmed he perpetrated the attack as a protest “to popularize natural beauty among teenage girls.”

He also claimed that it was not premeditated — and it was a “coincidence” that both he and Kardashian happened to be at the same spot.

Paris police said that they had no immediate indication a formal complaint had been filed and when contacted by The AP, Kardashian’s spokeswoman was not immediately available for comment.

It’s the second such time the television reality star has fallen victim to Sediuk’s unwelcome attention after she was accosted two years ago outside a Balmain show. He caused her to stumble briefly in Paris when he provoked a kerfuffle outside the fashion week venue.

He has previously said that that he objected to having the Kardashians featured in Vogue magazine.

Sediuk previously spent two days in jail after jostling with Brad Pitt at a Los Angeles film premiere, and he crawled underneath America Ferrera’s dress at a film premiere at the Cannes festival.

He also accosted model Gigi Hadid at Milan Fashion Week last week, calling it a form of protest against the use of celebrity models.

A video posted on website of that incident showed a man grabbing Hadid from behind and lifting her off the ground as she and her sister, Bella Hadid, exited the venue of the Max Mara runway show last Thursday morning. Hadid reacted angrily, wriggling out of his grip, saying “Let go of me!” followed by expletives.