Malaysia Airlines Missing Flight MH370 Conspiracy Theory: Why Are Passengers’ Cell Phones Ringing?

March 11, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The phones of some of the passengers on missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 are reportedly ringing, prompting some to claim that a conspiracy was behind the disappearance of the plane. 

Malaysia Airlines official Hugh Dunleavy told the Strait Times that his company tried to call the cell phones of crew members and they rang, although no one answered. He gave the numbers to Chinese authorities.

A Chinese website contains a joint statement from 19 families that say they called their love ones who were on the plane and the phones rang out. These families believe that the airline isn’t telling the whole truth and are demanding answers.

And family members on the instant messaging service QQ said that the service showed their loves ones who were on the plane still online, a migrant worker told the Washington Post. The reporter confirmed with multiple family members that the phones were ringing as well. 

“The phantom calls triggered a new level of desperation and anger for some,” the Post reported. “They tried repeatedly Sunday and Monday to ask airline and police officials about the ringing calls and QQ accounts. However unlikely it was, many thought the phones might still be on, and that if authorities just tracked them down, their relatives might be found. But they were largely ignored.”

One man convinced two police officers to come to his house on Sunday night to see the active QQ account of a family member on his desktop computer. Sometime on Monday afternoon, it suddenly switched off, leaving him with a number of questions. 

Did the phone’s battery run out? Had sea water damaged it? Was it just a random anomaly of some Internet server? Or was the plane hijacked and still out there somewhere?

“I hope someone can answer these questions for me,” he said.


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