Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Couple Allegedly Steals Money From Passengers as New Ship Joins Search

January 12, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

Arrest warrants for a couple who allegedly stole money from multiple passengers from the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 have been issued as a new ship is set to join the search for the missing plane.

Malaysia is seeking the couple, who allegedly stole money from four bank accounts that belong to passengers and a flight steward who were on the plane.

Bank officer Nur Shila Kanan and mechanic Basheer Sahul Hameed, both 34 years old, are the couple in question.

The couple didn’t appear in court, missing a date, triggering the issuing of warrants.

Basheer allegedly used a debit card and an ATM card to get cash from the accounts last summer. It is believed he colluded with his wife, reported the Star.

Meanwhile, a fourth ship is set to join the ongoing effort to locate Flight MH370, which vanished on its way to China. No wreckage nor other evidence has been found, even after more than 10 months of searching. 

The ship, the Fugro Supporter, is on its way to the Perth coast after undergoing trials in Bali, Acting Prime Minister Warren Truss told ABC Radio.

“It is expected to arrive in the search area and commence search activities in late January,” he said.

Truss said he remains confident the plane can be found. “It’s a huge search area, it’s in very deep water, it’s a long way from the coast, but we’re still optimistic that we’re searching in the right place and we’ve got good enough equipment to be able to identify this wreck,” he said.

If the current portion of the search, which ends in May, doesn’t yield anything, then officials will have to make a new assessment, he added.

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