Malaysia Airlines Hoax: Boeing 777 ‘Lose Yourself on Journey’ Ad is Fake

March 16, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

An advertisement that purports to be from Malaysia Airlines, saying “lose yourself on a journey of epic proportions,” isn’t real.

“Our new Boeing 777. Lose yourself on a journey of epic proportions,” it reads. “Wherever you go. No one will ever know.”

The ad appears to be poking fun at the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370 that disappeared more than a week ago.

The fake ad is an altered version of one that Malaysia Airlines was running.

“Our new A380: A journey of epic proportions. The pride of our nation,” it says.

The fake ad was shared heavily on Facebook and Twitter in the past week.

Some where claiming that it was created before the accident took place.

Ads for Malaysia Airlines can be viewed here.