Easy-To-Make Ohhio Braided Pet Bed Adds Comfort and Style to Any Home

April 22, 2019 Updated: April 22, 2019

People love their pets in all different kinds of ways and wanting a comfortable place for a pet owner’s furry friend to rest is not out of the ordinary.

“Do It Yourself” videos have spread into all sorts of creations, from furniture to clothing, and now, pet owners can make their kitty a bed. In this video, the creator cleverly makes a bed from just a large skein of merino wool. Anna Marineko says she found this giant wool and wanted to make interesting crafts from it, starting an internet-based company called Ohhio. The company features DIY videos on how to make unique projects from blankets to cat beds. She makes interesting and chunky pieces from the wool, including the cat bed featured in this video.

With one giant length of merino wool, Ohhio’s team creates a cat bed perfect for a pet to stay comfy. The design and Ohhio Braided Pet Bed currently have awards for its innovation and uniqueness, including the Red Dot Award. As of now, Ohhio is not currently taking any orders, including Braided Pet Beds, but still shows its unique DIY videos online.

However, this video instructs users step-by-step how to make the easy and comfortable-looking Ohhio Braided Pet Bed so their pet can stay comfortable! The four-minute video shows that the DIY bed needs only merino wool and a pair of hands to be completed.

Video Credit: Ohhio | Facebook