Mainland Chinese Pass Shen Yun DVDs Among Themselves

August 24, 2010 6:28 pm Last Updated: October 1, 2015 7:15 pm

Shen Yun DVD ( )
Shen Yun DVD ( )
DVDs of the performances of classical Chinese dance company Shen Yun Performing Arts are being circulated in some places in China, including being played in supermarkets in at least some areas, according to online accounts.

The Epoch Times presents a number of such stories, obtained through interviews or accounts posted online.

A Zhejiang Province resident told The Epoch Times that a local video store played a Shen Yun DVD in public and handed out complimentary copies, saying that this began not long ago. “They have all the DVDs of Shen Yun performances show in the past few years. People visited the store to just to watch the DVD and took the DVDs home afterwards.”

Searches on Chinese language websites reveal similar occurrences: a large supermarket in southern China broadcast a Shen Yun performance in the television sales section, according to an individual’s account. Many people stood and watched, prompting one shopper to exclaim, “Shen Yun DVDs are no longer simply passed from person to person; they are shown openly and publicly in China.”

One comment to the website Clearwisdom read: “I left a Shen Yun DVD in a restaurant. The owner immediately played it in front of the customers. When the drumming started and the curtain was raised, the noisy restaurant crowd fell silent. Everyone turned to watch the show.”

A retired principal in Pingshan County, Hebei Province, believes Shen Yun presents genuine Chinese culture. “My life is complete, now that I finally eventually had got a chance to see genuine traditional [Chinese] culture. I quickly gave the DVD to a good friend who highly praised it, too.”

A music major thought the show was “the gods’ reappearance in the human world,” adding that “Soprano Huang Pi-ju's voice was wonderful. Few singers are capable to elicit sound coming all at once from the chest and mouth, and by nasal resonance,” adding that the lyrics and music had somehow cleared up negative thinking from his mind: “It purified a complex person like me; amazing!”

A seventy-year-old viewer stated, “The show's producer has to be a genius; an ordinary person would be incapable to direct such a good program.”

A public servant thanked the show's producers for letting him have a taste of what traditional Chinese culture really is, commenting, “It allows us to find the roots of the Chinese race,” in another praiseful comment online.

A 60-year-old appliance repairman from Yunnan, glad he got to see the show, had this to say: “Every movement means something. The music is especially touching; all my troubles disappeared while watching. I felt very relaxed. This is our true traditional culture. The more I watch it, the more I want to watch it.”

Another person, identifying himself as male, said: “No one in China could make such a superior show. Many people are looking for it. People from my home-town during the past years have urged me to find Shen Yun DVDs. Now that I have seen one, I have to pass the DVD on to them. They are all waiting to see it.”

A 21-year-old college senior, after seeing the show, wrote: “I grew up in China, but knew nothing about its divine culture. The biggest shock after watching a Shen Yun show was my realization that the profundity of Chinese culture is way beyond my comprehension.”

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