Maine State Trooper Saves Driver From Overdose on Busy Interstate

December 24, 2017 Updated: December 24, 2017

Douglas Cropper, a Maine state trooper, was called a hero after dramatic footage showed him pulling a driver over only to discovery that he was overdosing on heroin.

Cropper was on Interstate 295 in Portland at 6:15 a.m. when he spotted a Volkswagen Jetta traveling 15 mph over the speed limit.

When he pulled the car over, he took the driver’s documents and went to his cruiser to write a ticket, the Portland Press Herald reported.

When he returned, he saw the driver was totally unresponsive: his head was tilted back and his mouth was wide open.

“I thought he had nodded off. Then he started to turn blue from lack of oxygen,” Cropper told WMTW-TV.

He then dragged the man onto the road.

Luckily, emergency room nurse Leon Chick was driving by and pulled over. He applied chest compressions to the man who then showed signs of life.

Rescue workers fro Portland, Maine, then arrived and gave the man Narcan. He recovered and was able to walk on his own.

The unnamed driver was then taken to a hospital, and he revealed it was the second time in a week that he overdosed.

“He said he needed a kick in the head. I said this is the kick you get,” Cropper said.