Mailman Meets Girl He Rescued From Sex Traffickers

August 3, 2018 Updated: August 3, 2018

A postal worker was reunited with a girl he helped save from human trafficking.

Crystal Allen, 16, had been missing for 3 months when she made her escape and met postal worker, Ivan Crisostomo in the process. During he capture, she said that she was drugged, tortured, and sexually abused.

Allen met Crisostomo at his postal facility to express her thanks. Allen, Crisostomo, and Allen’s mother, Stacy Ohman looked back on how the 16-year-old was brought to safety.

The ordeal started when Allen wound up in Sacramento, lured by someone she mistook for a friend. Then she found herself in the midst of drugs and sex trafficking.

When her captors were driving through Oak Park, she jumped out of a car and got away.

“They told me that they were taking me somewhere to hurt me. And then I kind of just thought I’d grow the balls and jump out the car,” said Allen.

Fortunately, Allen grabbed the phone of one of her captors before she fled. She was able to later use that phone to contact her mother, Ohman. Meanwhile, she encountered Crisostomo.

“I heard this crying when I came out of the vehicle,” Crisostomo said, reported KPIX, “So I approached her, and I asked her if she was afraid.”

“She started to point to her arm, saying, ‘They were putting things in me. They were putting things in me. They are coming to get me,'” he added.

Allen attempted to communicate with her mother via the phone she had wrested from her captors.

“She was frantic,” said Ohman, reported KPIX, “I couldn’t even talk to her, she was so upset. I told her she had to reach out to someone for safety.

“Until she handed the phone to Ivan and we spoke with him, we had no idea what was going on. We had no idea where she was or anything,” Ohman added.

Crisostomo stayed with Allen until police arrived and took her to the hospital.

She says she will always be grateful to Crisostomo for rescuing her.