Magnolias in Kyiv (Photos)

By Vladimir Borodin
Vladimir Borodin
Vladimir Borodin
May 13, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

KYIV, UkraineMagnolias are in full bloom at the Fomin Botanical Gardens in the central Kyiv, Ukraine. Some white magnolias have already reached the end of their short blooming season, but the pink are still in full glory.

The valley of deciduous magnolias is filled with a pleasant fragrance and with a perpetual flow of people eager to admire and take pictures of the exotic flowers.

The magnolia garden at the Fomin Botanical Gardens covers an area of about five acres. It accommodates 56 varieties of magnolias. Researchers study the magnolias to learn about their physiology and biochemistry, as well as how to improve the winter hardiness of these plants.